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Tree Removals

As qualified and experienced tree specialists, the team of Evolution Tree Surgeon can remove any type of tree efficiently and safely. We can also access difficult areas for tree removals. We have the enough experience and expertise to handle tree removals in any situation. We will make sure to bring down the tree without damaging your property. Our state of the art equipment will ensure safe and secure tree removal. Once the tree is removed, we will leave the place clean and tidy.

Tree Lopping

Is your tree growing out of control and causing potential hazards? Tree lopping is the best method to remove the branches, shape the tree and limit its growth. Evolution Tree Surgeon has highly skilled and trained tree lopping experts. We provide 100% satisfaction guaranteed tree lopping service at affordable prices. Prompt service, right advices and quality in work has gained trust and strong relationships with clients.

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is a process of removing or trimming few parts of the tree to improve the growth, health and shape of the tree. Tree pruning needs lots of expertise as improper pruning can damage the growth of the tree. Evolution Tree Surgeon has 17 years experience in providing tree pruning services. Our qualified tradesman can prune your tree in such a way that it looks structurally beautiful and becomes internally strong.


Mulching is one of all the tree services we excel at. Our mulching machines are capable of chipping any type and size of the tree into mulch. For affordable mulching services, you can rely on Evolution Tree Surgeon. With over 17 years of experience, we have been providing mulching services to clients across Melbourne. After mulching we can leave the mulch on site or remove everything at no extra cost. You can add the mulch to the soil around the trees present in your landscape.

Stump Removal

After the tree is removed, the stump still hinders in the place. This stump can attract pests, termites and sometimes it is hazardous as well. Evolution Tree Surgeon has the experience and machinery to remove the stumps. Regardless of the size and number of stumps, we can provide satisfying and high quality stump removals. The only company you can trust for affordable stump removal services is Evolution Tree Surgeon.

Power Clearance

Are the branches of your tree running into the power lines or power poles? This can injure people or damage the electrical network. So it is very important to remove these branches carefully. We will assure to remove all the branches without damaging the power lines. We will take enough safety measures to avoid any damages.

Storm Damage

Because of the storms, trees often get uprooted and sometimes they may fall on the roof or vehicles, thus making a huge loss. Sometimes the trees become unstable and subject to fall. We will remove the trees which are uprooted and unstable from your property without causing any further damages. We have the experience and capability of removing dangerous storm damaged trees.

Site Clearance

We specialise in providing site clearance services for both residential and commercial purposes. We will provide every tree service that is required for site clearance. We can ensure to remove all the trees, stumps without any hassle. We have the equipment, experience, workmanship and machinery to complete the job perfectly.

All Aspects of Tree Care

We provide all aspects of tree care which include tree trimming, tree pruning, thinning, shaping, reduction and many more. We have 17 years experience and are qualified arborists in providing all aspects of tree care. We can handle any size and type of service.

Tree Shaping

Tree Shaping is one of the artistic ways to enhance the appearance of the trees and shrubs. Nicely shaped trees can improve the fresh and unique look of the exteriors of the property. The experts of Evolution Tree Surgeon take pride in their tree shaping work. With years of experience, skills and knowledge, we can pay close attention to every detail and finish the tree shaping with perfection.

Tree Topping

Our qualified arborists will provide tree surgeon services to improve or maintain the health of the tree. We will tailor our service according to tree’s health conditions. Large trees running into the house, branches rubbing each other, diseased and dead limbs are some of the reasons why your tree needs tree surgeon. We will remove unnecessary and dangerous trees and reduce the potential for storm damage. Our tree surgeon service will enhance the overall appearance and health of you tree.